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Join us for a handcrafted bubbling hot pizza, a fresh locally sourced salad, or one of our delicious appetizers for an elevated dining experience that will nourish you, your family and friends. Enjoy!


“The crust was nice and fluffy, yet crisp. Sauce was loaded with flavor, and the cheese was deliciously melty. All that combined with excellent customer service makes this a must try for Denver pizza.”

This is no ordinary pizza. And no ordinary pizza place. At Tilford’s, you’ll find a fun, delicious dining experience for the whole family. Our wood-fired oven perfectly bakes your pizza, giving you a crisp, chewy crust topped with the freshest ingredients. Think melty, cheesy, doughy goodness. Each bite is bursting with flavor and satisfaction! All of the hand-tossed pizzas are 10-11″ and will feed 1-2 people. But we can’t promise that you’ll want to share. 


"Wood Fired crust had a great chew with the perfect char.  Ingredients are fresh and yummy."


In addition to our crave-worthy pizzas, we’re also serving up crisp salads with organic, hydroponic-grown lettuce, as well as scrumptious appetizers.

Tilford’s Woodfired Pizza is where healthy and delicious meet for a savory culinary experience like no other. You can even watch them make your handcrafted pizza. Meet your friends and family at Tilford’s for a one-of-a-kind pizza experience that rises above the ordinary. See why people travel miles to enjoy our pizza!



"It’s encouraging and reassuring to see independent business owners raise customer service and food quality to a level that can never be approached by some mega chain."


"Tilford’s is fabulous in every possible way! It was the most fantastic taste of pizza that I’ve personally ever had. This whole operation wins far more than five stars in my book."

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